Roofing Lead Generation Tips

The tactics have changed over time, and the once-effective channels do not have the same impact as before. Industry research reports and bulletins that offer valuable insights and information to your target market can be repurposed and shared on your blog or social media networks. Whether you advertise in the traditional, physical version of this familiar vehicle or its digital, online counterpart, the Yellow Pages are a form of outbound advertising that allows you to place display ads. Seek out opportunities to be helpful by participating in online forums and answering questions.

However, if a homeowner knows there’s an issue with the roof, they won’t want to wait until the next rainstorm to fix it.  Roofing Marketing

What is the best way to get roofing leads?

In a survey conducted by International Data Group (IDG), 61 percent of the marketing executives polled reported that generating high-quality leads was a challenge for their organization. People in need of professional roofing services will start their quest by entering keywords like “roofing contractor in my area into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. In normal circumstances, residents like to put off significant roof repairs until they notice a leak from their ceiling or something worse. But postcards and similar, simpler pieces can keep your roofing company’s name in front of prospects and you can tailor your pieces to include a specific offer or call to action that allows you to measure response and effectiveness.

The recipient had to clip out a coupon, fill in a form, phone a 1-800 number, return a postage-paid business response card (BRC), provide contact information in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope or respond in some other way that the advertiser could easily track and measure.

How do I get more roofing clients?

LinkedIn has a dramatic preference for video-based content and slide-based content right now so if you can put together a 30-60 second video answering a specific question about roofing or a helpful 5-6 helpful set of slides, you’ll get a ton of organic reach and engagement and that translates into more exposure for you and your roofing business. However, if your company does not have an online presence, it will be hard to differentiate your roofing services or products. Since roofing is a visual industry, leaflets and postcards featuring images of your previous completed projects can be a great way of grabbing your target audience’s attention. If your roofing business does not have money to invest in billboard advertising, make sure that you keep your message simple and the artwork uncluttered.  Roofing Marketing

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